St. Jude Children’s Home
Orphanage and Home for disabled children.

The orphanage St. Jude in Gulu, Northern Uganda, is the place where Byelo has left its heart and where it has been committed with many projects since 2004. (view archive)

The St. Jude Children's Home was founded during the 80s by Bernadette Akwero. When she died, the management was taken over by the Combonian Brother Elio Croce, the ‘father’ of all children of St. Jude for the past 45 years. Nowadays the orphanage hosts about 100 orphans from 0 to 15 years and about 30 disabled children.
During the civil war, which lasted more than 20 years, the main ‘focus’ of St. Jude was the security of the children, while today it is their healthy growth and their education.With the help of various charity organizations, Byelo Onlus included, Brother Elio has almost completed the transformation of the institutional community into a village of homes where orphans and disabled people live together in family groups.

Byelo gives their annual support to the ongoing administration and will develop new projects ad hoc whenever necessary.

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