who we are

  • Sveva de Bartolomeis
    Foundation member,
    President from 2009 till April 11th 2012
    For ever our source of inspiration

Board of Directors

  • Ruth Strangemann

  • Luca Trapanese
    Vice President

  • Maria Laura D’Angelo
    Board Member

  • Francesco Catemario
    Board Member

  • Miscenka Solima
    Board Member

Byelo in Uganda

  • Filda
    School Project

  • Brother Elio
    Responsable St. Jude Children's Home

  • Sister Fernanda
    Responsabile Project "Living in Kampala Slum"

  • Sister Dorina
    Coordination of projects at Gulu

Byelo in Burkina Faso

  • Suor Ester
    Project Manager

Byelo in India

  • Father Boban
    Project Manager