Il villaggio Saint Theresa & Saint Francis è finalmente in costruzione.

Il primo edificio che sarà realizzato

I ragazzi del progetto formazione hanno iniziato a costruire il "loro" villaggio.

Father Cyprian ci scrive:

"Dear Sveva, Dear Byelo friends,

Greetings from Uganda and St.Mauritz especially. I hope you are fine.
We also fine fine here though busy with some works.
The good news is that the construction work for the workshop of St. Theresa e st.Francis village has began and we have bought some tools for the youth to start the workshop.
I will send for you the photos soon.
Our youth who did the course on building are directly involved. I wll also send for you thier photos soon as they work at the sight.
Have you seen or got the plan for building the workshop from Filda or the one I sent to you? 
In March next year, we are planning to open the centre. St. Theresa and St. Francis Youth Centre.
Pray for us so that things continue to go on well.
May God bless you all and your efforts.

Thank you. Fr. Cyprian."